Vandal Voyagers I making Citizen Science Kits

Last week was a busy one for our team of Vandals! We spent our time in between classes and homework in the lab making sheets of polymers to be used in the petri dishes going in the Citizen Science kits. It was certainly a team effort, with Kael mixing the polymers and the rest of our team taking the time to stamp out circles with the petri dishes, fill them with 5 mL of a buffer solution to keep them from dehydration, and sealing them all closed with parafilm. Below, Niko is taking the time to ensure all of the TMA/SA cutouts have a good fit in the petri dishes before Hannah added the buffer solution.

As a team, we completed these steps and more to complete over 900 petri dishes for our Citizen Scientists! Once we had prepared the polymers, we worked together to label and fill vials of nutrient broth to feed the bacteria that the Citizen Scientists will introduce to the polymers. The final push for the team was to assemble all of the kits into bags to be distributed to students by Dr. Stelck. Below is a picture of Vandal team members putting the finishing touches on the kits!

We are so excited to hand over these kits to Dr. Stelck this afternoon so our Citizen Scientists can begin working on their 30 day experiments!

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