Now The Hard Work Begins!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The work towards organizing all materials for the citizen science experiment has begun! Displayed below is a timeline of operations in order for our team to meet important deadlines for our experimental build to be finalized in time for delivery. The materials for the citizen scientists to conduct their 30-day experiment evaluating bacteria adhesion to a variety of polymers have begun being synthesized. These materials will be delivered to the students of Russell Elementary School in Moscow, Idaho on February 1st! This will allow the best performing polymers to be identified and applied to our experimental build that will be housed onboard the International Space Station for 30-days to evaluate bacterial adhesion to the polymers under microgravity.

Next steps involve various experiments to finalize our experimental build's design to ensure optimal performance. This will include finalizing our automated Arduino programming, bacterial release mechanism, and stir mechanism.

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The results from our citizen science experiment were accepted for publication! Find our paper describing this effort and its results here: