Designing our experiment is no small task!

Hello everyone! I am leading the design of our experiment so that we will meet the qualifications to send our research into space! In the cover image, there are green floating vessels called Nanolabs. Inside of each of those is an experiment that has previously been conducted on the ISS, and as you can see, the Nanolabs are really small! We are working to design an experiment to fit into a 1.5U Nanolab, which is 15 centimeters long by 10 centimeters wide by 10 centimeters tall. For comparison, that is a little smaller than your average Kleenex box! The current layout of our experiment is shown below:

Our biggest challenge is separating the dry space from the wet space so that none of our electronics get damaged in transit or during the experiment's run time. We have all of the electronics placed in the upper half of the vessel where the astronauts will plug a USB power cord into to Nanolab and the experiment will be initiated! The most important part of the experiment is introducing our bacteria, Staph aureus, into the wet space in the lower half of the vessel. We incorporated three bacteria introduction devices to ensure that the bacteria enters the experiment and that we will see the resulting effects of antigravity on the performance of the polymers' bacterial resistance!

We are incredibly excited to continue working on our design and will post updates to pour progress as they come! Go Vandals!

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