Citizen Science Update

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We have purchased our materials for making the Citizen Science Kits! We will begin the process of making them starting on Saturday. We plan on making 240 of these kits for our citizen scientist at Russell Elementary School. This is going to require us to make 16 sheets of each of our three polymers in an 8"X 8" glass dish, and then let them expand in a salt water solution until we are ready to put them into the petri dishes.

The Citizen Scientist will conduct a 30-day experiment to find which of the polymers resist bacteria growth the best. We will be providing daily pictures of each polymer and the control petri dish so you all can monitor the experiment with us! We will also be uploading a procedure to make YOUR OWN control petri dish. Along with the daily updates, you will be able to conduct the experiment with us and the Citizen Scientists in real time.

Thank you for taking the time to follow our project! We hope you follow our progress from now, to launch, and the final analysis.

Kael Stelck

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